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5 Tips For Talking With Young People

Texas, Can You Hear Me? (Part 2) 5 Things To Remember When Talking With Our Children About Discrimination   *Note: This is a part 2 of my first blog about the recent LGBTQ Discrimination Bill*    For all the young people in the lone-star state, my eyes are weary and my heart hurts.   My heart hurts because…

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Texas, Can You Hear Me?

Texas, Can You Hear Me? We Must Fight Legislative Bullying. Join Me in Doing These 4 Things.   My heart broke open when I saw this image in my newsfeed and read the corresponding blog: As someone in the LGBTQ community, my home state is sending a message to my community, and it hurts.  …

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Desperate Times Call For Different Leadership

Desperate Times Call For Different Leadership. 5 Adaptive Leadership Stances that will Change the Conversation & Ignite Transformation on your Team   For many, the state of the world is frightening right now. Divisive discourse is ubiquitous, and many communities are experiencing a rise in tension and conflict.   Some people feel paralyzed and afraid…

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