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DO YOU HAVE INTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER? 3 Things to Remember When Communicating With Consciousness & Intentionality The invitation to set an intention can be found everywhere from yoga classes to meetings and events because intention is an aim or a plan. Think about aims and plans you’ve set before. We’ve all set goals or made…

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How To Use S.P.A.R.K. to Heal Intention Deficit Disorder

A lot of folks I work with ask me what they can do differently to communicate with more consciousness and intentionality–especially across difference (race, gender, ethnicity, generation, sexuality, body-type, etc.).   A lot of leaders also ask how they can shift the culture and support their team members to speak with less judgement and act with more…

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The Paradox of Adaptive Leadership

The Paradox of Adaptive Leadership: Are You Clinging to Perfection or Embracing the SPARK?   In a world of over-saturation, created by the ability to have access information immediately through the internet, what sets a business apart is its soul, articulated through its leadership. Yet, few people have the skill-set to embrace and acknowledge challenges,…

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