Answers to the “Most Commonly Asked Questions” about SPARK…



Today is quite a day for us in the SPARK-World…


Not only am I doing this series with YOU here, but I’m also hosting our first event in Texas tonight! 30+ people have RSVP’d, and it should be an incredible time. Super excited to offer you exclusive live access at the end of the email!


Now, back to our Series…

This week I’ve shared quite a bit about why and how SPARK! For Humanity came about… Yesterday we reflected on what courage has to do with SPARK, and Tuesday I shared more of my personal story. Today I’m going to share more details on what the game is all about.


Since I love interactive experiences, I decided to answer the most commonly asked questions in real-time with a very special guest (see video below)! Also, if you haven’t watched played SPARK or the whiteboard video on the website, it might be good to do that first. Here it is again.


Then, check out the video below to hear more….

To recap, in the video, I shared more on:

  1. The metaphor of fire…

For centuries, our ancestors sat in community by the fire to break-bread, share stories, and solve problems. Fires have played a very significant role in the development of humanity, across all religions and regions. The presence of fire ignites something unique in communities, and that’s what this game intends to do as well.


  1. The community agreements…

The underlying assumption with the agreements (offered for your consideration) is that having light boundaries, especially when we’re slowing down and sharing stories, helps. The SPARK! experience is designed to normalize unfiltered, honest, and authentic reflections. We also assume that your thoughts may shift (or your answer may change) in 5 minutes…and that’s okay.


  1. My Stance on Cards Against Humanity…

WE DO NOT HATE CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. They do a wonderful job of following through on their promise, and they’re very consistent in their approach. They create space for people to engage in conversations and make connections, and indirectly lead to some of the same outcomes as SPARK. The key difference is, SPARK! For Humanity aims to create space for people to talk about what matters most to them in an accessible and inviting way.


  1. How are the yellow cards used best?

We have found that the yellow cards really add to conversations and offer another way for players to engage if their fuel cards aren’t the best fit for the kindling card that’s drawn.


Here are some examples of how the yellow cards are set-up on the table…

Also, here are a few more questions that we get from time to time…


  • Can SPARK be played with two people?
-YES! In fact, it’s a great date-night activity! Just stack the kindling cards and fuel cards, and take turn drawing a prompt to learn more about your partner.


  • I want to play with more people or for more time…do you have extension decks?
-YES! Starting next week, we’ll be able to send you additional cards for the “lite deck” (to turn it into a “bright deck”), AND, we will have extension packs for “bright decks” starting in mid-January.


  • Do you plan on offering themed decks or different levels that take the conversation deeper?
-YES! Stay tuned…Version 3 will be coming out in March. We’re very excited.


  • How do you incorporate customer ideas?
-SPARK is a work-in-progress. The game keeps improving because of the feedback and suggestions we’ve received from folks like YOU every step of the way.
-In fact, Version 2 is coming out next week, and the design for the deck was sparked by one of our SPARK players’ idea to incorporate more images of matches and match boxes! You’ll get a sneak-peek in a few days!
-Folks send me messages, upload photos to our instagram, and add ideas to our Facebook group often.


For those of you lovely people who AREN’T in Texas, the first half of our Austin Party will be accessible virtually so you can join us LIVE and experience the fun in real-time!!!


All you have to do is click the link below around 6:45 pm Central Time (4:45 pm PST/7:45 pm EST), follow the instructions (click “run app”) and you’ll be able to “zoom” into the room with us!


How ’bout that!? All you have to do is click this link at 6:45 pm Central Time (4:45 pm PST/7:45 pm EST) and follow the instructions:


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